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KOKB is part of the TriplePlay Sports Radio Network and is proud to bring you Blackwell Maroon sports! Blackwell Maroon sports is also broadcast on 1580 AM and 93.3 FM.



Hail to the White!
Hail to Maroon!
Hail, Blackwell High School
Ever so true.
We love no other, so let our motto be:
Victory, BHS, Victory!

Hail, Blackwell High School!
Hail, BHS
Hail, Alma Mater!
You are the best
We'll stand behind you, so never falter we -
Victory, BHS, Victory!

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To follow the Maroon Spirit is our goal
To fight for her glory with energy and soul
Onward and upward we follow our guide
With the many comrades close by our side
On to victory and on to fame
On to conquer in Her name.
Honest, loyal, upright, and true,
We are Maroon all the way through.

Tall she stands on the open plain,
Rugged and sure to resist all stain,
We, the students, are her heart, life, and spirit
We have no other choice than to share in it
On to victory and on to fame
On to conquer in Her name
Honest, loyal, upright, and true.
We are Maroon all the way through.

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