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Team Radio Marketing Group is a group consisting of 7 radio stations in North Central Oklahoma. Our studios are located inside the historic Poncan Theater built in 1927. Our studios were constructed in 2010. The footprint offers many signals giving you an unprecedented reach to deliver your advertising message. In addition to the radio stations, Team Radio Marketing Group operates a news and information website in Ponca City as well as a discount coupon website.Team Radio's employees have over 125 years experience in the radio and marketing business. Our commitment to achieving success for our advertisers cannot be matched.

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What's the best medium for delivering eye-popping return on investment? Strangely enough, it may be radio, at least in a study of 10 brands from last year.

Despite a recent flood of studies and marketer statements validating returns from Facebook and other digital media, radio beats most of those glowing digital ROI numbers in a study of 10 brands that advertised on Clear Channel

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